Final price vs. Asking price change over time in Stockholm

The graph is an analysis of a dataset of 140,000 properties that have been sold in Stockholm county between the period of Jan 2013 and June 2017.

The graph aims to show the change over time of the amount required to pay above the asking price in order to get an apartment in Stockholm. The graph also shows how this amount is different from municipality to another.

There are many factors that affect this metric (Final price – asking price) like the demand for housing, the supply of housing, brokers selling tactics and many other economic factors.

The data shows that people are paying three times above the asking price compared to what they paid in 2013 in order to get an apartment.

For example, People paid approx 180 000 krĀ above the asking price to get an apartment in Stockholm Municipality during 2013, while they paid 522 000 kr above the asking price in order to get an apartment in Stockholm in 2017.

Map Legend:

## The color range from dark green (bids below 200 000 kr) to dark red (bids greater than 550 000 kr).

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